Saturday 28-November-2017 is Sculptor's 82nd birthday

Sculptor - a boat built by boat builders rather than a boat built by ship builders - and so much more elegant for that.

Sculptor is a 'Star' class boat named for the Sculptor Constellation
Sculptor on ITV Anglia - 22-September-2014
Sculptor on BBC Look East 16-October-2014
Sculptor on Narrowboatworld

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Dry Dock

Sculptor is booked in to Braunston dry dock on 27/28/29-September - we need to have her in Braunston for 25-September as there is a chance we can get her into the dry dock on the Thursday (26-September)

We need help as follows:

Wednesday 24-September
Crew to take Sculptor to Braunston and someone to bring the crew back to Stoke Bruerne
Thursday 25-September
Crew (4 max I should think) just to be available should we be able to get Sculptor into the dry dock
Friday/Saturday/Sunday 26/27/28-September
Crew (4 max again I think) to be available to pressure wash, black the hull and to tidy up the other areas that need attention. Happy with different people on each of the three days
Monday 29-September
Crew to bring Sculptor home to Stoke Bruerne and some to take the crew to Braunston

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