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Sculptor - a boat built by boat builders rather than a boat built by ship builders - and so much more elegant for that.

Sculptor is a 'Star' class boat named for the Sculptor Constellation
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Saturday, 1 March 2014

01-March work party

The space for the containers
One container in place
We had a planned work party today to re-ballast the boat.  We had a good clean out in the hold just forward of the engine room bulkhead to make way for the 2 1,000 litre containers.  Sadly they would not fit in their 'cages' but did fit like a glove without them - that means they are supported on three sides by the structure of the boat. If filled to capacity they will add 2 'short' tons (4,000 lbs) to the ballast.

Rob's repaired pump
in action
Pumping out the rear
bilges using the 240v!
We then pumped the boat out using Rob Westlake's repaired hand pump - well done Rob - it worked very well.

We also plugged the boat into the 240v mains and pumped out the bilges at the back of the boat - they need doing because the stern gland needs some attention - that's on the list for the next working party.

The boat did appear to be sitting in the water in a much more appropriate way and just looked better. She sat in a way that befits a lady of her age!

Once the 240v pumping was finished we moved the boat back to the water point to put some more ballast in the new tanks - she sat down a bit and looked every inch the boat she is.  We also put 2 additional barrels just aft of the mast.  We still need to remove the iron ballast on the uxter plate which is now in the plan for the next working party - we have a cunning plan as to how to get rid of it (and not by dropping it into the canal!).

As it was such a lovely afternoon and because we had the OK from CRT to move the boat we gave her some exercise and took her up the winding hole just short of the tunnel, down to the A508 and back on to her moorings.  The consensus of opinion was that she handled a lot better and certainly stops much more quickly now.

Some photos of the day:

Sitting better in the water and life-jackets on
A CRT requirement we are happy to comply with
Rob Westlake winding Sculptor at the A508
For those that know her she is sitting better in the water we think

Volunteer hours 24 (total 44 to date)

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