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Sculptor is a 'Star' class boat named for the Sculptor Constellation
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Friday, 5 June 2015

Changing the oil

There had beed a small 'bodge' job
done previously on the oil filter!
Today was gearbox, engine and reduction box oil change day.

No problems with the reduction box once the drain plug was located - EP90 in there.

Draining the gearbox and engine is quite a complex task in that box uses the same oil as the engine and are filled via the same place.  The oil filter is a swine to get back on as Mike G will attest to.  It leaked a bit when first tested but that was soon resolved.  The engine seems to be leak free now but the oil levels are taking some time to stabilise so I'll check the levels in the morning and if they are where we expect them I'll run the engine to allow it to warm up and we'll see if we have any leaks. Thanks to Rob, Mike and Steve for their help.

Saturday morning update: Levels are fine and there were no obvious static leaks over night and no dynamic leaks when run for 20 mins this morning. Just waiting for the OK to say Sculptor is fully operational again.

Now that we are at a known base level (having changed the oils etc) I have a spreadsheet that we can record Sculptor's hours on so we will 'know where we are'.

Sculptor hours of use
Date From Start Time To End time Hours Notes
05-Jun-15 Stoke Bruerne Stoke Bruerne 0 Engine/Gearbox/Reduction box oil changes and engine filter change
06-Jun-15 Stoke Bruerne 08:15 Stoke Bruerne 08:35 00:20 Engine run to check for leaks following oil and filter change
06-Jun-15 Stoke Bruerne 14:10 Stoke Bruerne 14:35 00:25

Volunteer hours 12 (total 826 to date)

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