Saturday 28-November-2017 is Sculptor's 82nd birthday

Sculptor - a boat built by boat builders rather than a boat built by ship builders - and so much more elegant for that.

Sculptor is a 'Star' class boat named for the Sculptor Constellation
Sculptor on ITV Anglia - 22-September-2014
Sculptor on BBC Look East 16-October-2014
Sculptor on Narrowboatworld

Saturday, 31 May 2014

A quick pirouette at the A508

Following Sculptor's return from Crick earlier in the week CRT wished her to be turned to face towards the tunnel as this gives the Museum staff an easy view of the cabin on Sculptor to ensure she is safe.

Steve Dean and Kathryn moved her on Saturday morning starting at 11:00 following the work DB had undertaken to stop the stern gland from leaking.  A trouble free trip down to the A508 and back despite a rather large number of boats using the flight.

Steve tweaked the nuts on the stern gland on our return - it had, as expected, started to drip following the new seal being fitted on Friday.  Just ten minutes work and there's no leak but we expect it to require a little more 'bedding in'.  Mike Gardner has kindly offered to fix the stern gland greaser next week after which we hope it will become 'standard practice' to give the greaser a couple of turns at the end of each day of operation.  Engine hours: 3

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