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Sculptor - a boat built by boat builders rather than a boat built by ship builders - and so much more elegant for that.

Sculptor is a 'Star' class boat named for the Sculptor Constellation
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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Trip to IWA Northampton Rally at Braunston and return

The following has been kindly provided by David Blagrove.

The image shows Sculptor leaving Stoke Bruerne on 1-May with the newly painted rear doors on display.

April 26th          
Work party. Phil Kidd, Kathryn Dodington, and DB painted Starboard gunwales and continued clearing cabin. (Engine run 4 hours)

April 29th          
Brian M completed paintwork having grained new panelling in cabin, cabin doors and weather board panel, and lined door panels in red and put flower painting on doors. DB and Mike G tidied hold and arranged contents ready for loading FOCM marquee and other gear for transport to Braunston on May 1st. Mike also made final adjustment to throttle so that charging light stays off at lowest revs, thus ensuing battery is continually charging whilst engine runs. New Elsan set up in position.

April 30th          
DB, KD, Mike G and others loaded Marquee once it was dismantled following the official re-opening ceremony at the Museum. Photo taken of Richard Parry, CEO of CRT on back deck with Louise Stockwin, DB and Lorna Y.  Later that evening more equipment loaded for IWA Rally, team now DB, Trevor Allum, Bill Mann, and Sam Samuels. Half sheeted since rain forecast overnight. Finished loading 20.00.

Passing Bideford and Southern Cross
at Dodford
May 1st              
Crew Mike G, Rob W and DB. Set off 0903 from outside Museum. Weather cloudy and damp, making the sloping gunwales v treacherous. Also engine very smoky at first, due to too much idling when at the moorings. Out of tunnel 09.45 with completely clear exhaust at the stack and thereafter a steady run to Buckby arriving just after 13.30. Photos taken at Blisworth and near Skew Bridge by Steve Dean. Good run up Buckby in 90 minutes but then held up by slow boats in Braunston Tunnel.  Came out of tunnel at 16.00 and then had long wait to get into top lock, eventually getting to Marina at 17.50. Gang from IWA unloaded boat quickly and it was then placed in position for Rally just outside the large dry dock entrance. After assisting with site jobs the crew were given lifts back to Stoke, leaving at 19.50.

May 2nd-5th        
Boat lay at Braunston during IWA Rally and on display. Rob W looked after it for two days. Monday 5th reloaded with all material from the rally and half sheeted. Sam Samuels retied strings, following a tutorial given last year!

Dropping down the Buckby flight
May 6th              
Crew DB, Rob W and Mike G. Left Marina 08.45 and arrived bottom lock at 09.00. Breasted up with a Napton hire boat and had a steady run to the top in 50 minutes. In tunnel at 10.00 and through in 20 minutes in spite of meeting boats inside. Top lock of Buckby at 10.50, meeting up with a private boat just starting from below the top and breasting up. Met Towcester coming up loaded in second pound and out of the bottom by 12.20. On to Weedon where we slacked for an hour, left 14.20 and pleasant run home. Beautiful spring weather and arrived back on home mooring 17.50. (Engine ran 8 hours)

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