Saturday 28-November-2017 is Sculptor's 82nd birthday

Sculptor - a boat built by boat builders rather than a boat built by ship builders - and so much more elegant for that.

Sculptor is a 'Star' class boat named for the Sculptor Constellation
Sculptor on ITV Anglia - 22-September-2014
Sculptor on BBC Look East 16-October-2014
Sculptor on Narrowboatworld

Monday, 12 May 2014

More painting

Over the weekend Phil Kidd kindly travelled down from his home in Yorkshire and painted the gunnels on the left hand side of the boat (now it is moored the right way round for that to be done safely).  Phil also a took the slide off, stripped it and under coated it.  It just needs a final coat of blue paint.

Volunteer hours 8 (total 223 to date)

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